Configure WAN and LAN in Mikrotik Router

Step 1
Configure WAN on ethernet1 port of the router.

1.Navigate to IP > Addresses.

2. Click the plus sign (+).  A dialog box for New Address will pop up.


3. Enter the IP address given by ISP or any IP that can access the internet. Select an interface.                          I use ether1 on this tutorial.  

Step 2
Configure the LAN on ethernet2 port. 

1. Click the plus sign (+). Enter the IP address.I use for this tutorial.This is also will be the gateway of your network. In Interface, select ether2. Click Apply then Ok. You can select any ethernet port available on your router.

Step 3
Configure the DNS server. 

1. Navigate on IP > DNS .

2. Dialog box for DNS Settings will pop up. Enter the DNS server for your network. I use on this tutorial. Click Apply then Ok.

Step 4
Set up the IP Route.

1. Navigate IP > Routes.

2. New route dialog  box will pop up. On Gateway, enter the gateway of your ISP or any IP address that have internet.

Step 5
Configure NAT for your network.

1. Navigate IP > Firewall. 

2. NAT Rule dialog box will pop up.On General tab,select srcnat for Chain. In Src. Address, enter the network address. I use in this tutorial. 

3. Click Action tab. In Action, select masquerade. Click Apply then Ok.Your computers on your network will now have an access to internet.


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