Creating a VLAN in HP 2530 Switch

enable to enter the Manager Level
conf abbreviation for configure terminal command. It is use to enter in Global Configuration Level.
vlan a command use to create VLAN. I use 201 as VLAN ID. The command should be "vlan 201". Then press Enter to create and configure the vlan.
tagged a command use to assign an interface/port to a VLAN. I assigned port 3 to vlan 201. The command should be "tagged 3". This command should be done inside the vlan.
show vlan a command that shows all the VLAN created on the switch.
You can see below image the vlan I created.

show vlan 201 a command that shows the status and ports tagged or assigned in vlan 201 that I created. It shows that port 3 was tagged on vlan 201.

Note: I used HP 2530-8 switch in this tutorial. It is also applicable in
          other HP switch model.


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